Monday Happy Hour: The Week in Gay Soccer

Bravo Canada! Let's get one of these hung at USA matches.

For Monday’s Happy Hour we’re simply bringing you some notable gay soccer stories from the past week:

In Tennessee, an outspoken out youth soccer player has blogged about how a bill being considered in their legislature is the cause  for a teen suicide. (Outsports)

BBC Three in the UK is airing a documentary on homosexuality in football tonight. Anton Hysen is featured in it and QPR’s Joey Barton speaks out for change revealing he has a gay uncle.  (The Daily Mail, H/T Brian Dunseth)

Chicago’s Windy City Times did an interview with out former MLS and NASL player David Testo. (Windy City Times)

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  1. February 9, 2012

    […] Last week, at the Women’s Olympic Qualifying Final, a hybrid pride/Canadian flag was posted prominently at midfield, getting lots of camera time.  Our TFC contributor John was moved to express his pride at being Canadian upon observing the display; editor Chris encouraged our “Stars & ‘Bow” to make a similar appearance at US matches. […]

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