Do the American Outlaws Perpetuate the Gender Divide in US Soccer?

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  1. Devin Brown says:

    Interesting idea. I think that traveling for games is expensive and if people have to pick and choose where they spend their money and vacation days, they will favor the games they want to attend the most. I’m not sure if I consider that a slight against the teams and games that get left out as a result.

  2. I think that the representation that the women’s team gets from AO vs that of the men’s team is pretty representative of the overall interest in both teams. The support of the women’s team is simply not at the same level right now as the men’s team, but it certainly has been growing, and I would say that AO does deserve some credit for that. Could more be done by AO (myself and the Boston chapter included) to further the support of the women’s game? Of course, and we are welcome to suggestions and help in this area. I hardly would say that we are “Perpetuating a Gender Divide” though.

  1. February 3, 2012

    […] got some conversation started on the American Outlaws being gung ho for men’s friendlies but mostly silent on women’s […]

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