BREAKING: 2018 FIFA World Cup Host City Passes Bill Fining “Promotion of Homosexuality”

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  1. ajvsell says:

    I’m of two minds following this. My immediate reaction is similar to yours; namely, “c’mon guys, really?” It’s a problem especially if “promotion” is poorly defined. Would I be in trouble for walking down the street hand-in-hand with my partner? Or is this akin to the “don’t teach anything about LGBT in schools” bills that exist in parts of the U.S. today?

    Russia deserves a World Cup. Consider what the World Cup did for the game in the United States. Without 1994, MLS probably wouldn’t exist, and it certainly wouldn’t have ever grown to be successful. The Russian Premier League already boasts some phenomenal talent; can you imagine what the attention on the Russian game could bring? The team based in this very city, Zenit St. Petersburg, can hold its own against any team on the planet. Give the league some more money and I guarantee, Russia’s system will add some much-needed diversity to the cabal of Italian, English, German and Spanish teams that have a stranglehold on Europe’s game.

    Is this a problem? Of course. Am I worried about it? Not yet. The Russian World Cup is still 6 years away, a lifetime of changes could take place between now and then. Nor am I willing to demonize the entire event based on one municipal board’s short-sighted decision.

  2. jerseyj9 says:

    Qatar will also be interesting.

  1. February 10, 2012

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