Lee Nguyen’s “fagggggggg” Tweet

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5 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t doubt he means his apology; it’s hard to break habits of offensive language when for so long no one calls you out. However, we gotta call it when we say it!

  2. theverytc says:

    Great save for him — but he has to be cautious. Next time he does this, he might not get off this easy!

  3. Sasha says:

    I’m actually glad this happened in this way so we can all talk about it instead of it staying in the dressing room without anyone standing up and saying something. Maybe Nguyen can join DeMerit as a soccer ally?

  1. February 15, 2012

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  2. March 26, 2012

    […] empty-cranial-cavity-where-a-brain-should-be fart follows Lee Nguyen’s fagggggggg tweet, which begs two questions: 1) what the hell is wrong with Lee Nguyen 2) What the hell is wrong with […]

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