Adam’s Soccer Valentine

Abby Wambach

forward, US Women’s National Team

Why is she Adam’s Soccer Valentine? Yes, I know she’s, well, a she, but I would totally go straight for that girl. Abby’s my Valentine ’cause she’s got ice running through her veins. What I respect most in people is the ability to remain calm and collected under pressure, and Dear Abby’s got that skill down. Brazil? Bah. France? Forget it. Japan? Just another notch on the belt. Abby’s on it.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? A date with Abby Wambach for me would start with me picking my jaw up off the ground. After that, I wanna go bowling. Why bowling? Cause it’s bowling, do I need a reason? After she kicks my ass on the tenpin lane and I return the favor on the candlepin lane (woo New England!), we’d go get tapas. We’re classy like that. Then I’d kiss her chastely on the cheek cause I’m totally a gentleman (in public) and bid her goodnight.

Our New England correspondent Adam is on Twitter at @ajvsell

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