Eat Mor Fail

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2 Responses

  1. mogardtid says:

    I understand how you feel! The University of North Texas currently has a Chik Fil A installed in the student union, and I kinda cringe everytime I see people eating it because i know where that money is going.

    I haven’t eaten at Chik Fil A in almost 3 years now, and once i quit eating there i realized how bad their food was anyways

  2. Dave says:

    How about this? DON’T EAT THERE. Chik Fil A is a privately owned company and can do whatever they want. It’s arrogant articles like this that make *some* gay people seem holier-than-thou. And you yourself said this has nothing to do with soccer, so why post it on what is supposed to be a soccer blog?

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