Thursday Happy Hour: I’ve Never Wanted a Diet Soda So Much Before

First up, the Vancouver Whitecaps show a great sense of humo(u)r with this photograph they Tweeted as a response to advertisements featuring a rival in his skivvies popping up in their city. But really, it’s the kind of funny you would expect from Canadians.

We love when MLS teams go retro (as with Portland’s third kit this season), and gives us a look at the San Jose Earthquakes’ season tickets for 2012, featuring photographs of Quakes teams from different eras going back to the NASL days of the 1970’s.

KCKRS introduces us to buckminsterfullerene, outer space molecules whose shape looks an awful like the truncated icosahedron of the Adidas Telstar soccer ball made famous by the World Cups of the seventies.

Finally, four members of the USA squad just called up today to face Italy next week participated in a photo shoot for Pepsi Max, and they posted the behind the scenes video today. Gorgeousness abounds.


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