Meet Ayla, Our New Houston Dynamo Writer…

with Stuart Holden in 2011

Hi everybody! I’m Ayla, and I am Forever Orange. I have always paid special attention to the Dynamo and I quietly celebrated through our two MLS Cups. I am a born and bred Austinite and in 2008 I moved to Houston with my family.

The Dynamo immediately caught my attention, but I didn’t have very many opportunities to check out games before I moved away to go to college. Fast forward two years and I am back in Houston watching the World Cup religiously. That year Houston played home to the 2010 MLS All-Star Game. The events leading up to the game, lovingly nicknamed “soccer week” in Houston, gave me my first real chance to get up close and personal with the Houston Dynamo. From that week forward I was obsessed. I immediately started going to every game possible, bought season tickets and showed up at just about every Dynamo event there was.

My twitter feed is basically a constant stream of soccer related news and thoughts. My family has even learned to come to terms with my Orange obsession. Last season when Alex Dixon scored the winning goal in stoppage time I managed to fracture my foot during the celebration. I refused to have it looked at until after I got to talk to Dixon and the rest of the players after the game. When I finally got home and my husband was talking to my mom about it, I overheard him saying to her “Well what did you expect? For her to leave the game just because her foot was broken? Not a chance.”

Houston is a hub of soccer activity and we proudly boast our many supporters groups. I’m not personally a member of any supporters sections, but during the 2010 season I got the opportunity to cheer with the Texian Army from their section in the stands and it was, to say the least, amazing.I have learned that the Dynamo is a special organization. We truly are one big family that extends from our front office to our players to the fans.

I am so proud of my boys in Orange for their run for the Cup last season, and I am certain that big things are on the horizon for us in 2012. We’ve left Robertson Stadium, known to us all as just “the Rob”, and now it’s up to us to come up with a nickname for BBVA Compass Stadium. A friend of mine has decided that we’ll just call it “the Compass.” What do you think?

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    Welcome Ayla!

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    Oh hey.

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