Thursday Happy Hour: The 2012 Olympics Soccer Ball is the Worst Looking Thing Since the Last Thing With the 2012 Olympics Logo

Clearly, this is the inspiration for the Olympic soccer ball color palette.

Never mind the London 2012 logo, which is atrocious all by itself. Did they have to make the official soccer match ball neon blue, ¬†yellow, and pink? Or as the Sounders would call them, super cyan, electric yellow, and um, bubble gum pink. Seriously, this looks like the kind of soccer ball that would come with one of my sister’s Barbies in the 80s. The only upshot of this thing is it’s so ugly it’s going to make players want to kick it even harder.

In other soccer style news, the USA premiered their new away kits during yesterday’s victory over Italy. What do you think?

Finally, the new Kick channel on YouTube has another four minutes of Stu Holden adorableness in episode 2 of “No Holden Back.” Sadly, he confirms on Jimmy Conrad’s “Mixer” show on Kick that his videographer is also his girlfriend.

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