The Most Handsome Team in MLS?

As the MLS season gets underway this weekend, fans everywhere are getting excited to get back into the swing of watching their favorite team battle it out for a spot in the playoffs. Looking at Chivas USA’s preseason record, I’m not sure that I am one of those people. With a 2-7-1 record and a horrid 5-0 loss in the final game to the San Jose Earthquakes just a week before kickoff, it’s pretty hard to really be excited for this season. The final week before the season had been pretty quiet, as it seems the coaching staff was keen to turn this team around in the short time before the season starts in the opener against 2011 MLS Cup Finalists Houston Dynamo.

While we all sit in anticipation as to whether or not the changes made in the offseason will really help this team do better this season, we can rejoice over two things:

1) The fact that Juan Pablo Angel was resigned this past week. The prolific striker really helped the Chivas USA offense when he joined the team last August, and will hopefully work the same magic this season. Additionally, with the addition of the young rookie Casey Townsend (whose game is very similar to Angel’s), Angel serves as a great veteran leader for this team. He is our captain, after all.

2) This is arguably the most handsome team in MLS. Let’s look at who there is:

Juan Pablo Angel, Dan Kennedy, and Heath Pearce are the obvious choices that everyone looks to with this team. Angel has the all around class handsome look that, while marred by horrid hairstyles early in his career, has been a go to face for every team he’s been on in recent years. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who can argue with this. The same goes for Dan Kennedy and Heath Pearce. Kennedy’s ruggedness gives the team a different dynamic of handsome; while Heath Pearce’s classic “pretty” look (when he doesn’t have that mustache) rounds out the three go to figures for the team.

However, Ante Jazic, Laurent Courtois, and new signing Cesar Romero bolster the team to different levels. They all bring something different to the table, which is fitting as everyone has different taste. There is someone for everyone!

So while the team may not have the best record in MLS this season, at least us fans can find solace in something. To top it all off, I think we also have one of the better-looking coaching staffs in the league as well. How can you not like two fairly young, suave coaches who keep fit by participating in regular training and reserve games with their team?

Attached are some pictures so you can make your own decision, however, I do think it will be difficult to argue against ALL of these players.

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