Philadelphia Union Loses, but the New Kits Look Great

The Philadelphia Union’s 3-1 loss Monday to the Portland Timbers was an extremely disappointing event, to say the least.

There were highs and then there was the last 3rd of the match. As the resonance from our collective facepalm dissipates, we are left to hope that the Union’s individual talent just needs to marinade a little longer. But there is an upside: the 2012 kit. The blue uniforms looked great on TV and Zac MacMath’s muted orange kit wins the evening.

(Photo courtesy of

Lime green; seen it. Bright yellow; been there. Light Blue; so last season. Black? Really? Isn’t the point to stand out and draw the eye to you? Nope. Orange. US National Team Goalkeeper Tim Howard’s favorite color, but be sure to avoid distraction so you won’t get in an auto accident, then you’ll have to ‘borange all the way to the stadium’!

What a wonderful addition to last year’s offerings.

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