FC Dallas Beats Red Bulls, Debuts MLS on NBC, Signs Striker Out of the Blue

They call him Super Ratón. Mighty Mouse. Small but formidable, a fact underscored most by his impressive goalscoring past. 158 goals in 373 appearances, to be precise. And 22 for his native country of Panama. He scores goals, and that is precisely why Blas Pérez has come to FC Dallas. To score goals; to win games for a club that has often found itself short of experienced talent up top since the departure of Jeff Cunningham. But on Sunday, Super Ratón led FC Dallas to victory without opening his scoring tab for the Hoops. If he continues to perform like he did though, I might not even mind.

Filled to the brim with a sold out crowd of supporters and the pleasant buzz of vuvuzelas, FC Dallas Stadium played host to the Hoops’ victory over the Thierry Henry and the hated Red Bulls of New York. To some it was sweet revenge given New York’s role in the dismal end to the season last year, but for others, including yours truly, it was a showcase of things to come. Zach Loyd’s goal, which capitalized mostly on New York’s ineffective clearance, and Ricardo Villar’s man of the match performance truly stole the show, but for my money, Pérez’s debut was the main focus of the day.

There are certain expectations for strikers like him who are brought in to score, but despite not getting on the score sheet the energy he showed, his shots on goal, and most importantly his two assists are rather inspiring given the struggles up top that Dallas has had, and his performance on Sunday certainly helps to foster a cautious optimism in me.

Plus, he happens to be pretty damn attractive. But maybe that’s just me?

With Brek Shea, whose wonderful new hairdo earned itself a video on the MLS site while at the same time showing us that “yes, there are people who can pull off a Jedward hairstyle!”, Pérez, Ferreira and John returning, and players like Villar performing like stars, I can’t wait to see what happens further on in the season. The overall quality of the squad feels like it’s at its highest that it’s been in a while, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

My only regret of the match? Not starting Kenny Cooper in my fantasy squad. Cooper is the number one all-time goalscorer at FC Dallas Stadium dating back to the Pizza Hut Park days, and I should’ve known that he would put in a quality performance in front of the old fans.

My excitement for Dallas’ hopes this season aside, many people tuned into this match for another reason….

MLS on NBC:The Verdict

My final verdict on NBC’s coverage of the MLS is that I need to see more of it!

A bit of an unfortunate side effect of having a job cleaning printing presses is that I typically work from 6am until 3pm — the problem with that obviously being that I missed a good portion of the game and had to follow via twitter. However, I did get a chance to see the official highlights on Youtube, and from what I saw NBC is doing a better job of making the MLS look like a professional outfit than FSC ever did.

One of the few negative things I have to say about the coverage from what I’ve seen is the schedule: most of our games have been moved to Fox Sports Southwest +, and while that’s not a problem for me during the week, I’m not sure I have that channel at the place I stay at on weekends, so that could be a problem.

Dallas Nets A Striker and A Pair of 11’s

On Tuesday night, I opened up Tweetdeck while working on schoolwork to find that there was some sort of match going on with Dallas. Bewildered and fearing I might’ve completely missed a game on the schedule, I searched and eventually found out it was merely a Reserves match against Real Salt Lake. Just as surprising? One of the goalscorers.

Luis Perea must be counting his blessings this week as he was signed Tuesday and immediately thrown into the Reserves match against RSL, where he scored a goal and recorded an assist. According to FC Dallas’ website, Perea was signed in part because of Dallas’ new Technical Director Fernando Clavijo, who is friends with Perea’s father, who called Perea’s father looking for a means of bolstering Dallas’ depth at striker. Perea promptly departed for Dallas and managed to get here in time to play for the Reserves in a 3-1 victory over RSL

And so, seemingly out of nowhere, Luis Perea has ended up in Dallas, making waves in a reserve match and surely earning himself some consideration in Schellas’ plans for the squad. I don’t predict that Perea will be in the reserves for long. His addition to the team has me wondering what kind of formations Schellas could roll out with Ferreira, Pérez, Perea, and Villar as forward options and Shea and Castillo out on the wings. It definitely brings a bit more flexibility to Schellas’ options as the season rolls forward, and I commend Clavijo for such a great move.

Also worth noting: Dallas has formally signed Scott Sealy and Alex Lee, both of them 11th overall picks in their respective drafts (2005 MLS SuperDraft and 2012 MLS Supplemental Draft).

Looking Forward: FC Dallas v. Portland Timbers

Portland surely must be riding high following their MLS First Kick victory over Philadelphia, despite the injuries they are still dealing with. The Timbers looked good against Philly from where I stood, but I feel that if Dallas’ defense can stand stern against them the Hoops will have a good chance of pulling out a win in Dallas, especially if Pérez shows up like he did against New York. Dallas will want to look to neutralize Jewsbury and Alhassan, as I feel they’ll perform well for Portland in the midfield. Shea will be out, so Dallas will have to effectively replace him.

I’m not one for predicting outcomes, but I feel like Dallas can win this one if they play strong defense and help Pérez get plenty of good looks on goal. If Dallas does win, I predict it will be more modest than their victory last year at PHP: maybe 1-0 or 2-1.

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