New York Red Bulls Notes: The Ballack/Ireland Saga and the Season Isn’t at Defcon 1 Yet…

So generally I would do post about this weekend’s game but since it was an away game that kicked off at 10pm on St. Patricks Day, I don’t really remember the game other then we lost 2-0.

I’ve seen some Red Bulls supporters already freaking about the season because the first two games were losses. The good part is that if you look at the schedule, we now got two of our hardest away games done with. Starting with Dallas and Salt Lake away was always going to be a tough ask. As long as there’s a win on Sunday at home against the Rapids and the team steadies itself then the New York can get on with its quest. If not then its time to sound the alarms.

The Ballack/Ireland saga is making me laugh. The last thing Red Bull New York needs is another aging past-his-prime superstar. Stephan Ireland I feel would be a perfect fit – hes 25 and has played for Manchester City and Aston Villa. And he is no longer called up for international duty because he’s in an exile for previous behavior. Hans Backe worked with him at City and I hope those reports are accurate.

Ballack has never been favored by us supporters everytime his name is mentioned with RBNY. I’m sure he is still a great player that has something to offer to a MLS time but not RBNY. The reports of this slight shows he has an ego and ¬†again something New York has way too much of is players with egos. Ballack coming to RBNY would make RBNY the nursing home for past their prime players with ego problems. It’s already too much of a shitshow for that to be the tag with the team.

Here’s to hoping my next post is celebrating RBNY’s first win of the 2012 season.

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  1. Jay Walk says:

    I don’t think people are freaking about the losses themselves. It’s how they lost in those games. The way they are playing is reminiscent of last year and it’s a worrying continued trend.

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