A Call for Patience

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2 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Usually on a Monday I check MLS’ website for updates and analysis on games during the weekend, especially for my team, the Dynamo. I should be celebrating the fact that Dallas lost (sorry, I can’t help it) and checking in on the BBVA Compass webcam for the progress on seat installation at the new stadium but I’ve been distracted by what happened and I’m anxious to see what MLS decides to do. They need to swiftly respond or else this will continue to be a distraction and their gay fans could feel more and more alienated.

  2. I think you make a good point, but this was a Friday night game. It’s Monday evening now on the East Coast. Frankly, there’s been plenty of time to respond to this, and now it’s becoming the only thing being talked about when the league comes up. Once ESPN had something on their home page the next day, MLS needed to quicken the pace in responding.

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