MLS’ Extra Time Radio Takes on the Colin Clark Incident

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2 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Borg’s comments were sadly predictable. Part of it is that he plays the contrarian on the show. More importantly though, he regularly shows a willful ignorance about anything that might threaten his privilege. His take on the Evra-Suarez episode was much the same as his comments on Clark. He doesn’t want anyone to take away what he sees as his right to call someone a n****r or a f****t without consequences. His comments on USSoccer offering to award bonuses for the USWNT at the Olympics showed a total unwillingness to even entertain the idea that women deserve the same opportunities to earn a paycheck as men.

    As for the difference between Clarke and Nguyen, I think that there are a couple of things going on. First there is the issue of going after an adolescent rather than a peer. I think verbally attacking a ball kid, even if it wasn’t homophobic, would have gotten a lot of attention and it magnifies the issue of him using the slur.

    The other big difference is intent.

    I got the impression Nguyen thought he was taking a playful jab at a buddy, and nobody had ever explained to him why that doesn’t make it ok, even if his friend knows he’s joking. And, as you say, he was willing to listen and learn. Clark, on the other hand, wanted to be hurtful and chose his words accordingly.

  2. bonuela says:


    you perfectly put my feelings into words regarding the difference between clark and nguyen.

    what lee did was wrong, but came from a place of ignorance and not malice. colin meant it as a slur.


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