MLS’ Response to Colin Clark’s Outburst – Our Reaction

MLS sent a strong and appropriate message today that homophobic language is unacceptable in our league.

In what may be a first in over a decade for professional sports leagues in America, Colin Clark was suspended three games in addition to an undisclosed fine and mandated education. This consequence is appropriate for the severity of the language that Clark used. Recent high-profile incidents of a similar nature carried a fine, but no suspension related to the comments made.

Our Houston correspondent Ayla reacted: “I think that it’s absolutely appropriate, and as a Dynamo fan, the three game suspension is not overkill in my opinion. Also I’m glad that he made an official statement and didn’t just let the twitter apology be the end of it.”¬†Clark’s statement was part of the announcement from MLS, which they didn’t shy away from at all and put front and center on their website.

It’s a proud day to be a GLBT or allied MLS fan, to be a part of a community that isn’t afraid to be progressive and tackle the issue of homophobia head on.

We hope to be an aid as the League and the Dynamo work through this particular incident, and to be a part of working together in various ways to eradicate this sort of language from the game.

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