When One Direction Goes MLS

My current favorite British boy band One Direction, currently tearing up the American music charts with their debut album, released their 2nd video diary chronicling their time in America today. The video features three members (and a crew member) playing a small game of soccer in a park in Boston Common. Why is this garnering news on this website?

Two of them happen to be wearing New England Revolution jerseys. While teeny pop music may not be your cup of tea, this is great promotion for the league. The guys are known by their fans as being soccer fans back in England, so the fact that they are wearing MLS jerseys, and not English Premier League or England national team jerseys is great. Also, I personally love that they are New England jerseys as opposed to kits from the New York Red Bulls or the LA Galaxy, which seem to be the go to with celebrities.

One Direction recently became the first U.K. group to enter at number one on the U.S. charts with a debut album, which tells you just a little bit about how big they really are. Formed in 2010 via hit show The X Factor, the group has become a global phenomenon and continues to reach new levels of fame. Last month they won a Brit Award (basically the British Grammys) for Best British Single. This is great publicity, not only for the Revolution, but also for the league as a whole. Maybe this year they can perform at the All Star Game? They are doing a summer tour here after all… 😉

Check out the video diary, as well as their current single.

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