New York Red Bulls Looking as Good on Grass as They Do on Paper

The Red Bulls’ first win at our home opener — now the season can right itself before it is lost. What a win it was! Yes, I know Colorado were missing major players but NY is always missing major players; for example, no Teemo or Agudelo on Sunday. There are some still questions to review.

The Bright Spots
The Cooper/Henry partnership:

This is looking to be a budding partnership ready to run riot on the league. In the first two games, NY looked the best when they were both on the field together. In the first start together, each got a goal in the first 6 min and both got a brace. The few missed passes between the two make me think they are still meshing together so once they really get used to each other watch out. Cooper may be the answer to the everlasting Rodgers visa saga. I’ve never seen our offense start so well like it did on Sunday. I would have liked it to continue as strong all through the game but 4 goals in a game is always good.

William Conde

Wow what a difference the defense is with him in the lineup. I just hope he stays healthy but he may be the solution to all of the problems in the defense.

Roy Miller

Yep that one, the maligned left back that seems to always be the fall guy for any failure had probably his best game in a NY shirt. He seemed good in the back and assisted the final goal.


Yep he’s back but he looked determined and ready to play as opposed to last year. He was very impressive minus the giveaway that lead to the Cummings goal but I could tell he was tired…

The Bad

Oh Hans, I hoped you would change. There is a bench for a reason. Marquez should have been taken off and a fresh pair of legs put on since everyone could tell he was tired. I blame Hans not Marquez for the goal. Lets use the bench this year, there’s lots of new talent on the bench who needs to know they can get a chance to shine and push the starters to perform better. This is how our season went wrong last year; let’s not repeat it.

Now it’s time for Montreal on Saturday and I’m hoping the confidence from this game wlll make Montreal into nothing but whipping boys. The schedule is a little easy for us lets show how damaging the bulls can be when they are stampeding!

Til Next Week…

PS the new boyfriend is coming to his first MLS game on Saturday so next week I’ll have the view of MLS from a gay newcomer!

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