Call Off the Torches and Pitchforks on Colin Clark

A week ago, Colin Clark did, well, if you don’t know you have been living under a rock. In the past week, we have seen all parties operate properly.

Colin Clark (according to reports) – right after the game went to the ball boy to apologize in person, apologized on Twitter within hours of the end of the game, and then accepted his punishment with remorse over his actions.

MLS – took down the video as a kneejerk reaction, took a few days to figure the right course of action, then gave out a perfect punishment with a statement that shows MLS will not standard for homophobic actions and words.

In addition, this is the first time a major league athlete has ever been suspended solely for homophobic actions or words. John Rocker went off about everyone and everything. Kobe Bryant was just fined. In addition, a 3 game ban in most soccer leagues is seen for extreme behavior hence why its the standard punishment for a very violent act on the field.

With all of that said, I am tired of trolling gay media sites and reading articles and comments that are SO off base its shocking.

A) Everyone deserves a second chance, there’s this attitude out there that one act like this defines the person forever – which is so unfair and unjust.

B) Before commenting, why don’t you understand what you’re commenting on, so many of the comments you can tell are from someone who not only doesn’t watch soccer but doesn’t watch sports at all.

C) This call to ban him for a whole season is so out of control. We want to use this as a teaching moment and hopefully turn the sport it a more gay friendly sport. We don’t want to alienate.


This so situation has made many of us at gay4soccer proud to be fans of MLS as they have shown they will not tolerate homophobic actions on the field. I hope that Colin Clark was sincere when he stated he wants to be a Soccer Ally. This change in behavior can only happen if we can accept his apologizes and start a dialogue with him.

I hope I personally can start one with him as his first game is at NY. I hope I can have a conversation with him to continue that dialogue so everyone can learn from this.

That will not be able to happen if the LGBT community keeps calling for blood all over the internet and smearing his name.


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2 Responses

  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Agreed. I’m perplexed by the comments who claim that since the suspension is with pay, this makes it essentially a vacation. He plays soccer for a living. He’s not going to take the time he’s suspended and just go sit by a pool. He’s going to be at practice, every day, working his butt off, and then not getting the reward of being on the sideline (or even the potential of that) on game day. If the team loses, he’ll be stuck wondering if he could have helped. If his team wins, he’ll be stuck wondering if he’s slipping down the proverbial depth chart. Either way, not playing is certainly a punishment and not a vacation.

  2. Agent Babcock says:

    One quibble with the above: his actions were not solely homophobic. He used abusive, hurtful language at a child. Had he called the boy a “little shit” or “stupid fuck” or something like that, it would have been just as bad… well maybe only 99% as bad. Because of that, and not just because he used the word “faggot”, I feel his harsh punishment is appropriate. I haven’t seen anybody calling for his head, but I’ll take your word for it. I agree that he doesn’t need anything more severe, although some community service would do a lot bring about some goodwill to those who are still frothing at the mouth.

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