A Cann of Frings to Treat What Ails Toronto FC?

If no one can, Harden Cann...I know, punny.

With our options limited and a match against Chivas USA coming up, the news that Torsten Frings and Adrian Cann are about ready to return is probably the best news that any Toronto FC supporter could get right now. While most aren’t holding their breaths for this weekend, a return by these two crucial pieces of the Reds’ midfield will be most welcome.

If you were party to the Montreal match, let’s just say leaving the already tenuous backline to its own devices is a bad idea. Frings is the field marshal, while Cann is a stablizing force. Combine them together and you get an immediate presence in the backline that defenders can gather around.

Without them, TFC has floundered badly — while it’s hard to say if the result in Torreon could have been different if those two had been in the backline, it’s clear that they bring something to the table, and if TFC want to salvage their season (already? I can’t believe I’m saying this)…they will need these two back and fit, and fast.

On the other hand, this casts a ton of doubt on some of the other midfield and backline options…questions about Ty Harden, Miguel Aceval and Julian de Guzman have now been joined by pointed questions about Terry Dunfield, whose performance in Montreal was less than stellar.

A Cann of Frings will help, but rushing them back won’t solve anything either. The injury list is already long enough as it is for TFC, and having either one of them sidelined again after one or two matches is Pyrrhic at best. Still, it is perhaps the best solution (save for a trade and/or an import during the transfer window) that fans have at their disposal right now.

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