Cosmo Picks Major League Soccer’s Hottest Players … (In Some Cases, Poorly)

Cosmo Magazine has done a piece of “Hot Soccer Players We Can’t Resist” and it’s been making the Twitter rounds heavily this week.

While they didn’t explicitly say so, they seemed to go with a one player per team approach, and under this approach some of their choices are somewhat questionable when compared with other options they had on some of their teams.

I can’t argue with some of their picks; after all, some of their favorites also made our top ten draft pick list.

But Freddy Adu? Really? Is that the best you could do for Philadelphia? Way to jump right to the guy who you just know because he shilled for Sierra Mist way back when. Or you couldn’t dig deeper into the Galaxy roster past Golden Balls to introduce your readership to some hot players beyond the guy they already know from Pepsi and Burger King ads?

So what do you think? Which of their hot player picks do you think Cosmo got right? You can pick as many as you think they got right in the poll after the jump…

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