Another Take on Giving the Chicago Tifo the Finger

I posted yesterday on one Houston fan’s response to Section 8 Chicago’s anti-homophobia tifo at Sunday night’s match.

Dan Loney takes on the issue very well over at Big Soccer, taking on posters on that site defending a fan giving the tifo the middle finger and sharing what he posted in response.

It’s a great piece eloquently dissecting the issue, and well worth a read. A choice excerpt:

You, my friend, have cheered for gay and bisexual players.  (Probably not transsexual players, but yaneverknow.)  If that person you cheered for came out…would you feel differently?  You really shouldn’t.

Ah, but what if that son of a bitch on the Enemy team came out?

I’m sure you wouldn’t say anything, because you’re delightful.  What about the guy next to you? Yes, I’m sure you’d say something if he said something that was hateful.

Except, hm, he’s awfully big and drunk, and you know what, he’s really a great guy when he’s sober.  And so are all his friends.

Well, you’ll read about it the next day or two, and someone will insult Your Friend – and I just lived through what happens when you try to shine a light on insects.

But what if two players came out?

What if every player in MLS came out? Retired and active?

“Maybe David Testo is the only one.”  Sure, whatevs.

“People will think soccer is gay.”

Well, that’s part of the problem right there.  But I have a solution to that, too.  Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, even NASCAR.  What if every gay player in every sport came out on the same day?

Who would you boo?  Hell, who would you cheer?  It wouldn’t even be controversial.  It would defeat all the tribalism, all the short-sightedness, all the excuses.  There would be strength in numbers, something poor Jackie Robinson never had.

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