Ohio Boy Scouts Kick Out Lesbian Leader

Major League Soccer partnering with the Boy Scouts of America back in January, plenty of folks wondered what the big deal is. Surely this is some policy on the books that never gets enforced anymore. After all, this is 2012.

However this isn’t the case. Bridgeport, Ohio den leader Jennifer Tyrell was removed from her post by the local Scout Council, because she is lesbian.

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She was skeptical of letting her 7 year old son become a Tiger Cub under the Scouts’ policy, but was warmly welcomed and accepted by the local Pack. There are reports that Tyrell was ousted after finding financial issues with the Council, who is now using her lesbianism as a smoke screen.

Tyrell spoke at the GLAAD Media Awards this past weekend:

So when we as a site take issue with the New York Red Bulls having a Scout Night, for example, this is why. Discrimination against GLBT people and atheists is alive and well in the Boy Scouts of America.

You can sign Jennifer Tyrell’s petition to be reinstated here.

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