A Call To Action: Moving Toronto FC towards Promoting Diversity

I can take the 0-and-6 start, and I can accept the injuries plaguing the team. I can accept a lot, and have learned to do so in the six years of supporting this team.

What I can’t accept is my calls for recognizing a little equality from TFC falling on deaf ears, with no end in sight.

I’m sure this is one PR crisis that the team doesn’t need, but I’m doing it anyway. I’ve talked about it, I’ve tweeted about it…but again, nothing is ever done. Toronto (and in a sense, with the rejection of the far-right Wildrose Party in Alberta in last week’s election) the rest of Canada is one of the most diverse, accepting and welcoming countries on Earth.

Section 8 has made a wonderful supportive tifo, while the Whitecaps have shown homophobia the red card. But what has TFC and its supporters’ groups done so far? Nothing. (Unless someone can show me something.)

For a team that plays in a city that claims to be one of the most diverse and tolerant, that does not sit well with me. You may say I’m rather steamed, even. We have no on-the-record allies, and no movement to recognize and celebrate diversity. All there is — is talk. And more talk. This is a record that I will no longer sit here and say nothing about. It changes. NOW…and I need your help.

Hey Toronto FC front office, do me a small favour,¬†eh? I said I asked for you to go to the Pride Parade in Toronto. Scratch it…just do me a favour, and start by sponsoring the Toronto International Pride Cup. That’ll be your start. Can you do that little thing for me?

And you supporter groups? I ask you to join our pledge…is that too much to ask? So far, you’ve let the fear of “politics” get in the way. (I’m talking to a certain group, which I won’t name…but you know who you are.)

I’m fed up, and I need you readers to help me start the push. Start asking the questions to TFC players and staff. One voice is great, but many more are needed. And whatever help we can get here from all corners of MLS, is greatly appreciated.

I can’t drag a team and its supporters kicking and screaming, but with enough pressure…anything goes.

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2 Responses

  1. Jc says:

    Sadly, I’m a member of that group. The reaction has been shameful and is making me reconsider my membership.

  2. KK says:

    Over a month ago, NEE tweeted their support directly at the @gay4soccer account using the #soccerally hashtag, but it went ignored.

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