Red Bull New York Update: Injuries, Injuries, and a Shutout

File under "things you won't see this weekend."

First off, bravo on Ryan Meara with his first shutout last saturday with a very inexperienced defence in front of him because well the backline is all in the treatment room. Second off, Dax McCarty has become a rock star on the field since becoming the first player on the red bulls to become a soccer ally. I think it may be a lucky charm sort of thing.

So what we lovingly call the 1% derby (New York vs. LA Galaxy) has become LA v. the walking wounded. Miller, Keel, Taino, Henry are all out injured for the weekend. Marquez is suspended. Solli is questionable. Agedelo will play at most for 25 minutes. So it’s not looking good and I don’t have many comments about how to even prepare sinceĀ … who is left other than who generally starts is all kind of unknown. I’m guessing we might be seeing Richards partnering up front with Cooper and SolliĀ – if fit – playing in the midfield (his old position) for the first time for NY.

Hopefully this inexperience defense does well again and Meara keeps improving. I just don’t know how this is going to go at all. This is why having such an old squad is going to bite us in the ass.

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