Soccer Ally May: Los Angeles Galaxy

Our first week of May was a big success. Four days. Four teams without Soccer Allies. And an average of four per team joined up last week.

And, if you want to compare that to the list as it stood a week ago, the player portion of our list grew by fifty percent in just those four days.

There are only two MLS teams left without an ally and today we go after the big Kahuna, the white whale, the LA Galaxy.

Over half the team’s roster is on Twitter, and they represent one of the most cosmopolitan, gay-friendly markets in the country, but yet they stand at zero. Their stadium even hosted an Equality Night last year, but it was a project of Chivas USA.

What gives, Galaxy?

Help us reach out to the many players listed below, asking them to be Allies. Have them tweet back to us or use the #soccerally hash tag.

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