Red Bull New York: Grinding Out Results

So that was unexpected. The flatness of the Galaxy and the amazing commanding of the area by Ryan Meara. While some people have complained about the dullness of the Galaxy game, this is a result business as many euro commentators always remind us. A win is a win no matter what. In this case we were going to the most powerful (on paper) attack in the league to the MLS cup winners and where they were undefeated last year with almost the whole first XI injured. They did what was need to win. They didn’t just park the bus there were lots of attacking runs by New York. Our inexperience defense is doing great, I see lots of bright spots. Ryan Meara is justing getting better and better every game. This is proven by the talk of Rookie of the Year already.

The good part is with Jan Gunnar Solli and Juan Agudelo back, and with Miller and Marquez coming back. The unavailable list is getting shorter and shorter so hopefully the wins with continue to come with some more entertainment. I hope the shutouts continue though. Meara’s confidence is starting to fly off the charts which can only be good for the rest of our season.

I curious how Hans Backe is going to field to team against Houston with the defense doing so well in the past two games but we will see if they won a vote of confidence from Backe or if its back to the bench.

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