To DC and Back for Colorado

Well my fellow G4S readers, I am sorry I haven’t been able to post anything recently as I have been consumed by work and my family life. But now that I have a quick break from it all, let’s talk Rapids today, shall we?

Today the Rapids face DC United at 5:30 MT on Altitude TV/MLS Live. Currently the Rapids are in 5th place in the Western Conference table (last 5 matches L-L-W-L-W) and are sitting just three points behind DC in the combined table. It will be an interesting game as the Rapids will also host a home game this upcoming weekend, which lineup will Pareja and company use?

If you haven’t heard by now, Omar Cummings and Marvell Wynne are both out for a couple of weeks with injuries. So that allows several options off the bench to slide into the starting lineup. It will be an interesting couple of weeks as players have come in creating competition across the board. Players like Jaime Smith, Harrison Henao and the recent addition of Edu, the midfield is stacked as well at the forward position. Which creates another interesting piece to everything; who will be the odd man (men) out? It could be Wells, Nane, or even Akpan. Time will tell but this club looks like it’s trying to get the right pieces in place.

Hopefully by mid-summer we have a lineup that is consistent with what Pareja is trying to accomplish.

Also something to note: Pablo Mastroeni has begun light jogging that is monitored by a trainer. Concussion precaution has become a serious issue not just in MLS but other professional sports, which could be one major positive out of all of this. We hope to have our former Captain back to the team soon, and wish him a non-rushed recovery. I am sure the boys want him back as much as the supporters, but in the interest of the player’s health… It’s best to just allow time to heal, even if that means early retirement.

Question to my readers, does anyone else have this little crush on Martin Rivero?

He has certainly been growing on me since we signed him. He has had glimpses of great talent but he also hasn’t played well at points either. Something about his smile, the way he carries himself and his… body is what keeps me coming back. If I can get a picture or two of him next time out at the stadium I will. Anyone else have a couple of players they love? If so shoot me a tweet or comment below.

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