New York Red Bulls: 4 Wins, Top of the East and Getting Healthy

The Red Bulls have had a lot of doom and gloom forecasting since the beginning of the season. First the away losses to Dallas and Salt Lake. Then came the scoring onslaught. Then came the horrible game in DC and lots of injuries ending with Henry’s hamstring going in the beginning of the New England game. Everyone expected NY just to fall apart.

Oh how wrong they were. 4 wins later and guess what NY actually has real depth for the first time in god knows when. P.S. this is the first 4 win streak by NY since 2003. Dax McCarthy, Kenny Cooper, Ryan Meara, and the entire inexperienced backline stepped up. Lindpere started producing. Hell, Holgerssen who started off his MLS career being the scapegoat has turned things around and even scored a goal on Sunday in Philly. Yes I do find it odd the second Miller and Marquez are brought back into the starting XI the shutout streak ended but a win is a win.

The summer is looking bright. Almost everyone is back to training which is perfect time since the MLS teams start the open cup in 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see how Backe deals with a full healthy squad now that the bench have proven themselves. I think the summer will be bright and wins will continue. I’m also curious who our 3rd DP will be. I also wonder what is going to happen to Wilman Conde. Oh what’s NY without more drama now that Marquez is back from suspension another player decides to assault a police officer? Words can’t describe it really.

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