Red Bull New York: Welcome to the Silly Season

So, you know that post from yesterday I posted…yeah, that was the calm before the storm…

Yesterday no Major League Soccer club other than the New York Red Bulls decided to start the summer silly season off right with a trade that [insert any phase here]. Seriously, I have gone through every thought from this “is happening” to “this is amazing” and from what I’ve read everyone has done the same but with the dust settling this a good trade.

Oh yeah the trade was Juan Agudelo for Heath Pearce (salary partially paid) + allocation money + 1/3 of the transfer fee when Agudelo goes to Europe.

So let’s look at the positives and negatives of the trade.


New York just got a whole lot hotter (really Health Pearce is so the hottest American defender in the MLS)

He’s versatile playing all over the backline and I guess he played in midfield at one point. Which is great because he can fill holes of injuries and suspensions with high quality.

He’s one of the best defenders in the league.

He’s American so this whole NY is Anti-American players takes a hit.

Agudelo was always going to go we were just saving him til post the olympics but with him not playing that wasn’t going to happen. Now NY has some more cash to play with this summer to fill some holes and we get part of that transfer fee when it does happen in the next year.


Another academic player gone – must hurt the prospects of current ones

I’m not a big fan of the NY flawed win-now mentality because for that to umm work it requires the winning of a trophy.

So overall I think the trade was a good one as long as NY buys a striker or two over the summer (or the Rodger’s visa situation is fixed). Plus hopefully the CAM DP Is still coming. Oh the next couple months are going to be ‘special.’

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