Red Bull New York: 5 Wins in a Row and a New Obsession

Saturday night was special.

While I complain about referees with friends I’ve held my tongue on here, but Saturday was horrible – just horrible. The only calls I think they got right were the two yellow cards on Victor Palsson (really you were just a dumbass). Both penalties were questionable and I’m still trying to see the handball for the Montreal one and I’ve watched the call a good 10 times.

A win is a win but come on refs it needs to be better then that. On the positive side well we got to see Heath Pearce in New York jersey. (Yes, I have my new obsession. Sorry Solli) Also, finally Dane Richards is scoring this season. Clever Hans Backe said he wanted Lindpere and Richards to start producing and in the past 4 games the two have combined for 3 goals.

Come Wednesday night RBNY may have a new record winning streak. Right now the 5 wins in a row is tied for the longest streak in NY history that was last achieved in 2003 and it’s Chivas USA at home so it could be a win but I’m expecting Juan Pablo Angel to spoil that party. On a side note, anyone at RBA for the game should only applaud JPA as he is and will always a be a NYRB/MetroStars Legend! He should receive a hero’s welcome even though he will be in a Chivas USA kit.

Let’s go for 6 before the international break/Open Cup!

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