Amnesty International: Gay Fans Should Use “Extreme Caution” at Euro 2012

Ukraine’s capital Kiev was scheduled to have the country’s first-ever gay pride parade this past weekend.

That is, until hundreds of right-wing soccer hooligans gathered nearby and the event was cancelled out of fear for particpants’ safety.

Even after the pride parade dispersed, a group of men kicked and jumped on Svyatoslav Sheremet, head of the Gay Forum of Ukraine:

Amnesty International’s Max Tucker warns:

Gay England football fans will have extremely good reason to be concerned. Not only will they have to deal with violent football hooligans who deliberately target gay people and people of ethnic minorities, they will also face an extremely corrupt police force who have a track record of beating and mistreating people because of their sexual orientation.

Ukraine, Russia, Qatar…why do international soccer federations choose to pick such anti-gay regions for tournaments?

(full story in The Independent)

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