International Soccer Ally Olivier Giroud is Très Sexy in French Gay Magazine

I know this website is mainly US Soccer related, but I thought I’d share a little news from the global soccer ally sphere. Every December, prominent French gay magazine Têtu polls readers on who they think is the sexiest Ligue 1 player. The winner is then offered the chance to grace their cover. It’s not required that they accept (2009 winner Yoann Gourcuff decline to appear on the cover). However, it’s always more fun when they do. Last year’s winner was French international Adil Rami, who beat out our very own captain and soccer ally Carlos Bocanegra (who, playing for St. Etienne at the time, did not even make the top 3!).

France National Team forward, Ligue 1’s 2011-2012 Golden Boot winner, and player for recently crowned champions Montpellier Hérault SC (and my personal favorite French player) Olivier Giroud was selected back in December, and I eagerly waited to see if he would agree to be on the cover. He teased fans via Facebook about a month ago with one of the photos and tagged it as “photo shooting.” Last week, pictures began to leak and Kickette got their hands on all of them via French website A Cause des Garçons (which of course I’m sharing with you all here!).

Besides the super steamy pictures we all get to salivate over, this annual cover gives the magazine a chance to partner up with their own soccer allies to create an open and warm community. Giroud told the magazine he was happy to be on the cover and hopes that his actions will help change peoples attitudes.

Many straight allies appear frequently on the covers of American gay magazines, such as Out. Just last year NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin appeared on the cover of American gay magazine Out for their sports issue. He discussed his reasoning for being a straight ally and why it’s an important issue to bring up in both the NFL and sports. I went through the archives over at Out magazine and it seemed like he was the first major athlete to appear on their cover (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this).

I think that this annual cover from Têtu, however, is a really good message in the international sphere. As we all know, soccer is the world’s sport. By featuring players who, for the most part, are somewhat famous in the soccer world, it brings the issue international and helps grow the community. As we say here at G4S, more allies on and off the field will only help in the long run of making the sport an easier place for people to come out in. It’s always nice to see positive media regarding the gay community and allies. While there is the difference of soccer being a huge sport in France compared to here, I don’t think it’s a pipe dream to hope that one day, a member of our national teams can be on the cover of a similar magazine!

The magazine is out on stands now in France. If you don’t live in France (like myself), you can purchase the magazine from the Têtu website for a small fee of 4.90 Euros with a shipping charge of about 5.10 Euros. Not that I bought it first thing this morning or anything.

(below photos courtesy of A Cause des Garçons)






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