Portland Timbers Upset by Cal FC in Overtime

I am still in disbelief about what happened last night in the Timbers US Open Cup 3rd Round Match against Cal FC. I am almost at a loss of words knowing that we had at least 40 chances and yet none of them went in. I am surprised that Kris Boyd missed the penalty kick in the 80th minute that possibly could have won the game.

For those who have not already heard the Portland Timbers lost to 5th Division Cal FC 1-0 in overtime. The goal came in the first extra time with a former Real Salt Lake Player Arthur Aghasyan. The thing that is worst about this is that we are making history in a way we don’t want to. Being the first MLS team to lose before penalty kicks to an amateur team and being the team that now has Cal FC trending all across America and around the world.

Once they won the Timbers Army chanted to Cal FC “Beat Seattle.” The terrible thing about this is that we could have faced off against Seattle and now we will not get that shot anymore. Regardless, this was a very tough loss for the Timbers and its organization. John Spencer said it well last night in the press conference saying, “You don’t normally say ’embarrassed’ or ‘humiliated’ in your career.”

You are right Spencer but that is what sums up the game itself. Even Merritt Paulson got into the action with this tweet last night, “Congrats to CalFC…amazing story. Don’t know what to say to our supporters other than I am sorry and utterly embarrassed. Off twitter 4 bit.”

If I can give a man of the match to somebody on the team  it might have to be Brent Richards. He played his heart out and he is very good at throw-ins. He tried his very best to help the team to score a goal. We now know that we hit our rock bottom and the good thing is that we can only go up from here. I know Spencer and the players will have this game in the back of their minds every day for the rest of the season.

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