Casting the MLS Musical: Part III

Sorry, Leo. Julie Taymor called. She's going to go with lion puppets instead of guys in lion suits.

Okay, so most of the West is covered, but there’s two “canon” Western Conference teams to go in our round-up, plus one team that’s technically in the East but really shouldn’t be.

Real Salt Lake: The Light in the Piazza 

It’s really pretty, it’s bilingual, and it’s successful despite not following the typical formula for winning in the industry. There’s the story of growing into the role you’re given, the story of winning love in an unlikely place, and the story of the powers-that-be not thinking it’s going to work out. But it’s not the show people think of first, it’s not always in harmony with itself, and it’s led by someone with little experience but a pedigree like no other.


FC Dallas: The Phantom of the Opera

People love to hate it, but it’s been around since the dawn of time, and it keeps selling tickets despite the vitriol. Clearly they’re doing something¬†right to get people to come back again and again. It had a heyday that’s past it now, but it just won’t quit. And it’s launched several notable careers from its humble home. It’s the production that lots of fans grew up with and learned before anything else.


Houston Dynamo: Annie

Somehow, against all odds and logic, this show actually won the award for being the best, back in the day. But if you’re not a devoted fan of it, it’s excruciatingly annoying. That said, it’s catchy as hell; if you get it in your head, it’s not going away anytime soon.

It’s also full of kids. And they’ll have a home…wait for it…Tomorrow.


Now that we’ve gotten the West and the should-be-West teams out of the way, it’s time to focus on the East. The next post will start in the Midwestern part of the East.

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