Casting the MLS Musical: Part VI

Time for the big finale. The show-stopper. The tune you walk away from the theater humming.

But first…

Much better.

New England Revolution: The Book of Mormon

No, it’s not because the Revs are the new kids on the block. Or clever. Or funny. Or particularly successful.

No, the Revs are The Book of Mormon because everywhere they go, they have to introduce themselves.

“Hello. My name is Ryan Guy. I would like to share with you our little soccer game.” “Hello. My name is Saer Sene. You might not know who we are because our owner’s lame.” (It works better if you sing it to yourself.)


D.C. United: Godspell

When wilt thou save the franchise? Oh folks of D.C., whe-e-en?

Don’t be fooled – this show is really catchy, really bright, and really insipid. And it needs the absolute best of one or two of its performers to succeed. If Jesus and Judas (Hamid, DeRosario) aren’t on their game on any given day, the entire performance will fall flat.

It’s also been around long enough for people to pass it on to their kids. But there aren’t a ton of people younger than 30 who adore this show; it’s one that’s grown up with their original fanbase.


New York Red Bulls: Evita

It’s a vehicle. I don’t care what arguments you make about Juan and Che, this show is a vehicle that needs an exceptionally-talented diva to make it work. Right now, it’s got that diva. But in previous years, the show has been a punchline, not just for the cast and crew, but also for the writing and scenery.

Of course, even today, the show can be a damn punchline. Really Ricky? You thought this was a good idea? *le sigh*



And that’s it! Nineteen teams on the Great White Way (I still think that sounds more like a chapter of the Klan than a nickname for Broadway, but whatever). Don’t expect a curtain call – this production is like Fiddler on the Roof. We ain’t comin’ back.

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