Portland vs. Seattle: A Timbers Recap

This weekend saw an emotional game for both sides of the I-5 corridor, especially for the Timbers. We had to get a win in our column or else things might have gone terribly for our organization. However, both teams spilled their heart and soul onto the pitch in a very feisty match.

I do like though the Tifo display that was shown for this match and I have to congratulate the Timbers Army for coming up with the artistic display.

The game can be considered a tale of two halves with the first half belonging to the powerful Timbers offense and a very lagging and lackluster Sounders defense. Then the second half the Timbers had a mediocre defense up against an attacking offense from Seattle with a very fiery ending to the match.

The first half went very well and on par with our expectations. We had our first chance at goal in the 11th minute with a corner kick that went to David Horst and went off the cross bar. Then in the 16th minute Steve Smith crossed the ball to Kris Boyd and put it into the net. I will admit the celebration he did afterwards was classic but also started the build-up to what would be a fiery ending.

Around the 25th minute the Timbers had another corner — almost the same shot from the early minutes of the game by Frank Songo’o. This time David Horst connected with the ball in the air and hit it down to score the second goal of the game. After the first half we were up 2-0. By the end of the first half Seattle was gaining possession but Portland played fantastically the first half.

So second half rolls around and the Seattle Sounders come roaring back with an attacking offense and a goal by Eddie Johnson in the 58th minute. Throughout the second half Seattle kept going at it with no luck with the Portland defense improved slightly from what it was in previous games and David Horst making a huge impact. He and Futty Danso kept the defense intact and not allow Seattle to get anymore goals.

My first reaction to the match is that this is what I was waiting for all season to see — players playing their hearts out on the field. I wanted passion and I saw that in yesterday’s match. Hopefully this can be a good start to something good in the coming weeks and I cannot wait till the next match with the Sounders.


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