Downward Spiral in the Timbers Organization

The last 5 Portland Timbers games were against teams that were in the bottom half of the Western Conference (Chivas USA, FC Dallas) and the worst team in Major League Soccer, Toronto FC.  I was hoping to get some form of results from all of these games because it could be plausible that we can get right back into the mix of things, but I was dead wrong.

The first Chivas game we lost 1-0 on a sunny afternoon down in LA, the following game we got shellacked against FC Dallas 5-0, then we lost again to Chivas USA 1-0, tied FC Dallas 1-1, and then tied 2-2. So out of this 5 game stint we only managed to get 2 points against some of the worst teams in MLS out of a possible 15 points.

I do not place blame on everybody but it seems to me that our defense is still lacking and that there is nothing Gavin is doing at this time to shore up the defense. I do not feel bad for him because he has made the team worse and is in the running to be the worst team in MLS which is something we should not be proud of.  I would love to see a shoring up of strong defenders and midfielders but I also need to keep in mind this isn’t just Gavin’s decision since he has to listen to Merritt and the candidates for the coaching position as well (since they narrowed the coaching candidates during this time). Since they have a huge influence as to what kind of players they want to see on the field and which ones needs to be traded.

Speaking  of trades there have been some trades made during this time that were very questionable on the surface and affected every Timber fan. Troy Perkins was the first of these trading causalities when it was told he would be traded to Montreal for Goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts. Now at first I was shocked and saddened that he got traded when it wasn’t him that was the problem. The one thing that struck me as weird was Gavin’s comments about the trade in which people were furious over. Gavin pretty much said that Ricketts was an upgrade from the previous goalkeeper Troy Perkins. Personally I disagree with what he said because Perkins got thrown under the bus with that which was very unfortunate of him. Troy Perkins was a fan favorite among the Timbers fans and I feel this was more of an attack on the fans than anything else cause that is what Gavin does. I will admit I loved the fact that Perkins responded the way he responded by showing Gavin a clean sheet against New England in his first match as an Impact. For people not known to who Gavin is he loves to make excuses and literally throws players under the bus and doesn’t put that much blame on himself which is one of the many reasons that many Timbers fans are not to fond of him nor like him at all — I am one of those people. This trade came in between the time of FC Dallas (2nd game) and Toronto and when Ricketts started he let in 2 goals so Gavin that goalkeeper is definately not an upgrade. It sucks to see him go but if you look at who has been traded so far from the Timbers organization they do better outside of Portland which says something about our team which that is something the new coach needs to fix.

Now the next day it just put a nail in my heart to hear this when I found out that Mike Chabala, an ally of ours, was also traded from Portland to DC United in exchange for a New Zealand Defender Ian Hogg. I will admit I was shocked and really saddened that this happened a day after another one of my favorites left the team as well. He was one of my favorite players on the field and had a great personality so much so I put his name on the back of my Timbers jersey. This again was Gavin trying to go after the Fans again because Chabala was another fan favorite and got taken away to DC United. I think Gavin had something in mind but we will see his vision play out. I do know Hogg has to get a work permit to start playing for the Timbers and did not get to start against Toronto. This is now starting to be a common re-accurance in terms of what is going on.  Gavin never liked the fans during his time as coach in the USL days, doesn’t like them now, and is showing it with the latest trades that have happened.

I am only wondering who else is on the chopping block the ones that we want out are not getting out and that is frustrating alot of people at this time. Many of the fans as I have seen on many social media outlets want to see Gavin Wilkinson fired as coach and as general manager. He has ruined this organization by bringing in people that have not helped the organization all too much. All the blood is on his hands and there hasn’t been nothing going on at this time. I would rather see him get fired at the season’s end but this year’s season is already done in the minds of many Timbers fans (including myself) so they just want this season to end at this moment in time. Hopefully when the new coach comes in things can turn around and become a better, stronger team.


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