New York Red Bulls Fiasco Putting Timbers in an Abyss

The 3-2 Portland Timbers loss against the New York Red Bulls was heartbreaking but it also does contain some controversy with the referees. Some might say that the second goal should have never happened because the referee blew the whistle early and people did not go after the ball. That is up to debate but regardless of that controversial result the Timbers still lost the game.

What is shocking is how Kris Boyd was never used in the game for the first time this season. That is a complete shocker seeing that Gavin have always put him in the game throughout the entire match. The three people Gavin used were Fucito, Wallace, and Palmer as subs (some might say they are sub par players or better yet not great with the fans I guess) to take out Kimura, Dike, and Songo’o. People lost confidence in the game once people realized the kinds of subs Gavin was putting in. The sad thing is of all people Kenny Coopers sub was a game changer in this game and helped lead some confidence in a NYRB team that were up against a wall after the two goals.

Either way the Timbers performance was strong in the beginning and then collapsed. I do not know what else to say other than we screwed up and let in chances by the three NYRB players and more specifically Kenny Cooper. I mean it as just sweet revenge that of all the people on the team he had to score at least one goal against his former team. I love the guy never wanted him to leave Portland but it really did hurt when he did score that goal. It just showed the FO why we decided to trade away Cooper for somebody who today was on the bench all 90 minutes and is worth 5 times as much as Cooper is.

Move forward cause now its onto our other cascadia rival Vancouver Whitecaps. If anything we can salvage this season it can be winning the Cascadia Cup and showing the other two teams we are still better than them (even if our record hasn’t shown it yet).

I do want to address something that just came to me via twitter from one of the twitter followers who is a “Timbers supporter.” I would like for you to apologize and realize the damage you put on not only towards yourself, but also the fanbase of the Portland Timbers. How dare you use that kind of language when describing one of the opposing players (Kenny Cooper). Of all the words you can use you decide to use the word that offense every single LGBT person who supports not only the Timbers, but the NYRB, and every single person that watching MLS soccer. I am just disgusted by the language that was used by you and for you to say that is just disrespectful. Nobody in the Timbers Army nor any Timbers fan would ever say that and do not endorse that kind of language. I would strongly suggest that you take your tweet down and apologize. I am so pissed off for that kind of comment to come through.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you for calling the so-called ” supporter” out. You are absolutely correct when you say that the TA would in no way support such ignorant and hurtful language. It takes a small person with a small “mind” to continue to spread the hate. I applaud you and enjoy reading your work.

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