A Bright Spot in the Timbers Organization or Just a Fluke?

These past couple of days the Portland Timbers got something that they have been waiting for a while: some results. On Saturday, the Timbers won against their rivals the Vancouver Whitecaps. This is a remarkable result because so far in the Cascadia Cup standings we have 7pts, Seattle has 4 pts, and vancouver has 2 pts. That means only one thing — if we beat Seattle coming up then we clinch the Cascadia Cup our first piece of silverware since we moved to Major League Soccer.

Now onto the match itself. It looked like the Timbers were playing fairly decent in the beginning of the first half but things turned around once Darlington Nagbe scored another goal. I will say he is on a hot streak as of lately which is silencing his critics who have been criticizing him all season long. Then we marched forth and attacked the Vancouver Defense. The sad thing was that Vancouver came right back in extra time to tie it up. Once the second half came about the good thing was the remarkable defense the one guy who also was criticized a lot was Steven Smith. He helped saved the Timbers from dropping 2 points! Another person that definitely helped the team a lot was Frank Songo’o. He scored the game winning goal in the second half which sealed Vancouver’s fate. I have to say they improved from what their performances were in the past. They moved up to 3rd to last in terms of league ranking and this is the first win of Gavin Wilkinson’s coaching career in MLS.

I do want to comment on the awesome tifo display they had before the game recreating the Cascadia flag that they wave around all throughout Jeld-Wen Field.   I love its artistic display and showed how much they care about the cascadia region in North America. However, there was another piece of art that I loved that also got reported which was all the #GWOUT signed that many disgruntled Timbers Army members displayed. I liked it because they were blunt and honest about what is going on. They kept the signs up even after the Timbers won the match which shows how much guts and passion people have in speaking out and good for them! It might have made the situation a bit uncomfortable but I give them credit for saying to Gavin yea you might have won this game, not thru your coaching skills but instead having your players step up against one of their rivals, but we still hate you for what you have done to the Timbers Army throughout the time in the PDL season and being GM.

Now other good news came in as well: Eric Brunner has been cleared to play, we finally found a coach that we offered a contract to, and we might get soem good traction against Colorado if we can beat them twice the next two games. So more will come from these developments knowing that one is still not going to play out of precaution, do not know if the coach will accept the offer to coach the team, and the results won’t happen until September 5th. So until then we shall see where these bright spots will lead the Timbers too.

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