DC United and You Can Play in the Washington Post

Matt Hendricks, a member of the Washington Capitals, has a You Can Play video coming out today, and it’s adding more attention to the outspokenness of athletes in the area, including DC United.

DC and Baltimore area pro sports have been in the LGBT spotlight for the past week, with local legislator Emmett Burns calling on the Ravens to stifle Brendan Ayanbendejo’s support of gay marriage during a season when the issue is in the ballot there. The Vikings’ Chris Kluwe, whose state also has gay marriage on the ballot this fall, penned a scathing piece on Deadspin about Burns’ comments.

But with George Washington University, the Capitals, and DC United all speaking out for LGBT inclusion in sports through You Can Play in the last few weeks, that’s the focus of the Washington Post piece.

Both You Can Play and this weekend’s Night Out for United are featured, with the front office’s Doug Hicks saying,

It’s in our DNA that D.C. United be a rallying point for people of all ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and in this case sexual preference . We’re D.C. United by no accident.

If you haven’t see it, the United You Can Play video stars Ben Olsen, Chris Pontius, and Mike Chabala, and will be a big part of Saturday’s Night Out.


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