Cascadia Cup Round Two – A Draw for the Timbers

The decision to have Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders game on NBC was the best decision for Major League Soccer. It got viewers to see the rivalry that many have compared to as the Red Sox vs. Yankees of MLS. People without cable would be able to see a great Cascadia Cup derby. Even though the game ended in a 1-1 draw, it was fun filled and full of action.

This time around there were no fights on the field and things were for once very civil. The first to draw blood was Freddy Montero with a shot that for keeper Joe Bendik was very difficult to save. I fwas scared that Seattle was going to steal 3 points and be ahead in the Cascadia Cup. By the end of the game defender Rodney Wallace would come and save the Timbers and score the equalizing goal.

Another feature was that the most expensive player for the Timbers, Kris Boyd, wason the bench. He was not put on the pitch and only played in the reserve game against Seattle reserves the very next day (a game they won 3-2). If I was I would be a little bit agitated and work harder to get that starting position back from Bright Dike. Dike played great against Seattle and goes to show how good this guy really is. So for Boyd he better step it up or else his season might be what it was like when he was at Galatasaray which was a failure.

At this point the Timbers are still ahead of Seattle in the quest for the Cascadia Cup. I will admit if we do not win this honor, then this season will be worthless and nothing will be salvageable from it. This Cup can bring some light into a very dark and heartbreaking season. There are some positives on the way with a new coach and all but that is only for next season.  I am just hoping Gavin gets the axe and doesn’t be apart of this organization after what he has done to the team this season.

On the fan front, it was noted that there was no tifo display. As a result of the unbalanced schedule it was agreed that each group of supporters would only do a big display once, and with two home stands for the Timbers, this was the game without a display.

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