World Cup 2018 Host Cities Ban “Homosexual Propoganda”

World Cup host cities presented to Sepp BlatterFIFA continues to turn a blind eye to LGBT rights as a trio of 2018 World Cup host cities submitted by Russia’s Local Organizing Committee today have laws on the books banning “homosexual propoganda.”

The following cities are in regions that ban such “propoganda” and can impose sanctions or fines for violations:

  • Saint Petersburg (enacted 3/30/12)
  • Sochi (governed by Krasnodar Krai, enacted 7/19/12)
  • Krasnodar (governed by Krasnodar Krai, enacted 7/19/12)

These aren’t archaic laws on the books that no one pays attention to. As you can see, they were enacted recently, and are put to use. Just last month Madonna was sued under the law for the equivalent of $10.5 million for speaking out for gay rights at a Saint Petersburg concert appearance. After successes in Vancouver and London, the 2014 Winter Olympics won’t have a Pride House because of the laws in Sochi’s region (the IOC also doing little to nothing to stand up for gay rights).

Saint Petersburg’s law is also the model for a similar bill before the national parliament in Russia.

Keep up the great work FIFA–we look forward to two upcoming World Cup countries that are terrible for gay rights.


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