Ally Week 2012: Jeb Brovsky

Ally WeekAlly Week 2012 continues, started by GLSEN in 2005 and now a yearly time to honor and celebrate those straight allies who stand up for the LGBT community. So far we’ve heard from Alexi Lalas and Lance Parker on why they are allies.

Today we hear from Montreal Impact defender Jeb Brovsky. Off the pitch Jeb founded Peace Pandemic, a worldwide project empowering youth by uniting children from different backgrounds through soccer.

I’m an LGBT Ally because I strongly believe in the equal rights of all human beings and I think people should be able to love whomever they choose. I have many friends and family in the LGBT community and I wholeheartedly support and celebrate their lives. Being an Ally, to me, means taking a firm stance on the side of promoting social acceptance of the LGBT community. As athletes we can show the youth by example that homosexuality is not a stigma, human defect or any of the prejudicial and hateful words attributed to it by dogmatists and other biased groups.

Today we also bring our second fan voice, Stevi from Missouri:

Why are you an LGBT ally?  “I’m not a super ally or anything. I haven’t marched in a pride parade. I don’t even own a rainbow flag to wave. But as most of my friends know, I stand up for the little guy. Whoever that little guy is, and whoever that little guy loves.

“I have near and dear friends and family from all walks of life, through whose I eyes I try to see the world. I know how words hurt, and how support can build up and encourage. And I want to fall squarely on the side of building up and encouraging.

“It sometimes catches me by surprise that others aren’t on board. If my Southern Baptist mother can give dating advice to her adopted gay son, and welcome his boyfriend to our family events with hugs. If both my sets of grandparents take it all in stride, why isn’t the rest of the world over it already?”

What does being an LGBT ally mean to you? “As soccer fans… don’t we know how it feels to be belittled? To have venom spewed at the thing we love? To be mocked in the media? To have to find our own niches, or elbow our way into the mainstream? Surely the fans can understand what it means to need allies.

“It surely makes me more proud to wear my team’s colors, knowing that the league, my club, my players, and my fellow supporters are also on the ‘build up and encourage’ side of the fence.

“Rather than the other side, or wobbling on the top…”

Thank you Jeb, Stevi, and all other LGBT allies in the soccer community this Ally Week!

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