Ally Week 2012: The Timbers Army

Ally WeekIt’s Spirit Day, the final day of Ally Week 2012 where allies wear purple to show support of bullied LGBT youth.

We wrap up Ally Week with some thoughts from the Timbers Army, the supporters group for MLS’ Portland Timbers:

Timbers Army PrideThe Timbers Army is an open and accepting group to everyone no matter race, height, weight, hair color or sexual orientation. People are people and we believe in accepting people how they are with no preconditions. The diversity in the Timbers Army helped shape and form what the Timbers Army is today. We believe every person worldwide should be guaranteed the same rights as everyone else. We believe in embracing the differences in everyone. If you’re different then quite literally so the fuck what? Everyone is a valuable person and should be guaranteed equal rights as guaranteed under the Constitution. The Timbers Army does not believe that diversity is a bad thing. We accept everyone and embrace everyone.

Discrimination is not right and in 2012 it is a relic of a bygone era. Discrimination and homophobia have no place in 2012 and from here on out. We are allies of the LGBT cause because we love our friends and family who identify as LGBT. We embrace them as family because that’s what they are. We love everyone no matter what. Nothing makes us feel better than reassuring anyone in the game of supporting their club or playing for their club that their sexual orientation literally means fuck all to us. We care about the person and love the person. What we don’t accept is hatred and intolerance, or people who promote them. Zero tolerance for intolerance.

Our fan voice today also comes from Portland, from Cassandra R.:

Why are you an LGBT Ally? “It has never made sense to me to not to be. I do not want to be discriminated against for any reason, therefore why would I not support others in their fight against discrimination.”

What does being an LGBT Ally mean to you? “Supporting my friends and anyone that is LGBT in their lifestyle and life choices and their endeavor for equal rights.”

Thank you to the Timbers Army, Cassandra, and all of our allies this week. Happy Spirit Day!

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