The gay4soccer 2012 End of the Season Superlatives

gay4soccer superlativesIt’s nearly playoffs time for Major League Soccer, and nominations for the various end of the season awards from the league are beginning to be revealed. But here at gay4soccer we don’t want to look at the traditional best players at each position, and other best of awards the league gives out officially.

We want to know who has the best butt in American soccer (among other things) in true yearbook senior superlative style.

Nominations can be from anywhere in North American soccer: Major League Soccer and other leagues, or men’s and women’s national teams.

And while there is plenty of silliness in our list, at the top is our first ever Ally of the Year Award.

So help us out in the next week by nominating your favorite players for awards. You can nominate in as few or as many categories as you’d like, and can even do the form twice if you have multiple ideas for one category. As we go through nominations, voting, and revealing the winners, we hope this is a fun process for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The nominations process is now closed. Voting will commence Monday, October 29.

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