Marc Burch Suspended Three Games for Gay Slur

Marc Burch Post MLS logoMajor League Soccer has suspended Seattle Sounders defender Marc Burch for a gay slur he used against an opponent in their Thursday night victory over Real Salt Lake. Matching the punishment handed down to Colin Clark earlier in the season, Burch has also been fined an undisclosed amount and mandated diversity training beyond the training all players get preseason.

The punishment removes Marc Burch from both legs of the Western Conference Championship and the MLS Cup or the first regular season match of 2013, should Seattle not be the Conference Champions.

Said Commissioner Don Garber:

Major League Soccer has a zero tolerance policy in response to this type of behavior from its players or staff. While I understand and believe that Mr. Burch is remorseful, Major League Soccer is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

It is encouraging to see the League continuing to maintain a high standard when it comes to keeping homophobic language off the field of play.

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