The Winners of Cutest Couple of 2012 Are…

The Cutest Couple award is a staple of high school yearbooks’ senior superlatives, and it’s now time to reveal your pick for this honor in soccer.

The nominated couples are Jay DeMerit & Ashleigh McIvor, Stu Holden & Karalyn West, Kyle Martino & Eva Amurri Martino, and Megan Rapinoe & Sarah Walsh. Congratulations to all the nominees.

But the winners of the Cutest Couple of 2012 are…

Megan Rapinoe and Sarah Walsh!

A big part of Rapinoe’s coming out before the Olympics was the revelation that she has been dating Australian striker Sarah Walsh for several years. Walsh cheered Rapinoe on from the stands in London and Rapinoe was there for Walsh as she took the field and scored for Australia for the last time, even as they were competing against each other.

Congratulations, Megan and Sarah! We present you with this suitable-for-framing certificate:

Cutest Couple 2012

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