Megan Rapinoe Talks Gay Rights at Sochi 2014

We’ve covered troubling anti-gay legislation in Russia on this blog before as it is the 2018 World Cup host, but it’s also the 2014 Winter Olympics host and USA Today talked to Megan Rapinoe about the legislation as she was an out Olympian this past summer.

“I had my girlfriend with me in London,” said soccer player Megan Rapinoe, whose U.S. team won the Olympic gold medal last summer. “If I was just a gay fan going to Sochi, I don’t know. If the law passes, I would definitely be breaking the law. Hopefully it won’t deter gay athletes from being who they are.”

Sochi 2014 will likely break the trend of having a Pride House at the Olympics that was started in Vancouver and London because of these laws. Lady Gaga was threatened with prosecution and Madonna was sued under the anti-gay “propaganda” laws, and activists in Russia have even been arrested for simply wearing rainbow suspenders.

Megan Rapinoe and Sarah Walsh

Could this kind of affection cause trouble for athletes in Sochi?

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