New York Red Bulls: Jersey Week 2013

New York Red Bulls 2013The New York Red Bulls revealed their new kits as part of MLS Jersey Week 2013, and hey look, they colored in the armpits red, or something.

This is the kind of jersey change that warrants a big media event? Much like the Houston kit revealed earlier Monday, the New York Red Bulls continue on their step backward from jerseys past that were at least interesting, sporting a unique button-down look.

Confession time: I even own one of those, and I’m a frigging Philadelphia Union fan.

We get it. You’re the New York Red Bulls. It’s in your team name, so how about you do something different with the logo? Put it off center, or even wraparound with one bull on front or one in the back. Or even take a cue from a can of your namesake energy drink and break the front of the jersey up into blue and white or silver quadrants.

Just do something, because all you’re doing now is boring me.

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